The Problem

We were upon my favorite season of the year, Fall! As a new Mom, I was thrilled to finally be able to get my daughter, Abigail all bundled up for brisk morning walks. She was 7 months old at the time and surely enough as the weather turned colder and dryer, she started to develop dry, irritated skin behind her knees. Abby was constantly scratching the area, making matters worse.  After just a week, she developed open sores. When I took her to the pediatrician, the diagnosis was eczema, as well as a staph infection. For treatment, I was to apply a topical hydrocortisone steroid cream and antibiotic cream to the back of her legs. Indeed, it did clear up about 90%, only to come back again a few days later. When I asked the pediatrician what else I can do to prevent this, she said keep her in long pants and long sleeves, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I followed this plan rigorously, but poor Abby was still itching and rubbing constantly and had permanent red, weepy blotches behind her knees that no matter what I did, would not go away. And it wasn’t even Winter yet, so I knew this would likely get worse.

I wish this stuff was just in your clothes!!

"Aha" Moment

After a few weeks of trying different kinds of creams and ointments recommended to me, nothing seemed to work completely. I tried my best to moisturize her throughout the day, but it just never seemed to be enough. It was torturous seeing her in discomfort every day. I knew there had to be more I could do. After months of effort, I had an “Aha” moment one morning while changing her outfit and moisturizing her. As I lathered on whatever I was trying at the time, she was rubbing it off and fussing. And then, in desperation, a thought came to me “I wish this stuff was just in your clothes!!” The thought continued…and continued…and that morning, the idea that became Softsie was conceived. I wanted to create clothing that had a moisturizer infused into the fabric, so that the whole body was constantly moisturized and nourished.  Ideas and questions started to flood in. The biggest question of all, 'Could I even make something like this?'


Thinking Through the Product

As I began my research, consultation, and endless cold calls to fabric mills and manufacturers, confidence in my idea was growing rapidly but I knew I had to channel this energy, stay patient, and get to work. My goal was to create a product that was of the highest quality, safety, and benefit to all children. A footie seemed like the best place to start, given that my daughter wore them every day.  Not just any footie, but the quintessential Softsie Footie. Little ones could eat, play, and sleep in their Softsie Footie, have their skin nourished, and be stylish all at the same time! 

It took over a year to bring this idea fully to life and create my prototype. I then decided to have a small batch of Footies made which I gave out to family, friends, and bloggers to sample. I also had my daughter wear them every night for months and her skin showed such improvement. She has had no flare-ups since (No dry skin and NO ECZEMA). Not to mention, I have to fight her to take them off because she is obsessed with how cozy they are! Positive feedback flooded in from my samplers and I just knew I had something special - something that all parents would want and that all babies would love. I am very proud of what I have created and grateful to be able to share it with little ones all over the world. My dream is that families will fall in love with Softsie so that we can continue this amazing journey together. This is only the beginning!

Since inception, one of my many goals for this company was to give back in some way. I've chosen to partner with the Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation, a wonderful non-profit organization that offers grants and financial assistance to couples who otherwise would not be able to afford Fertility treatments. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to afford the treatments we needed after struggling for nearly two years to conceive our first daughter. It breaks our hearts that millions of couples cannot afford these same services and we hope that through the success of Softsie, we are able to help many families through this amazing foundation! 

XO Natalie

with my daughter and muse, abigail

with my daughter and muse, abigail